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Building the Perfect Search Engine Submission Tool                                                                                                               by Madhu Patel, Project Development Team, Bangalore, India


Our Mission

Our mission is to develop submission software systems that allow our clients to manage reliable, credible and profitable online submission services and to champion the interests of the web search engines through implementation of fair play, transparency initiatives and the promotion of responsible web site submissions.


The Industry Leader

We have focused on this single effort since 1999, when we were the first company to develop a fully automated operational online web submission system. Since then we have consistently led the market and set new standards in innovation. By consistently releasing state-of-the-art submission tools and quality software, we have been able to elevate the professionalism of our industry.

About SubmissionSpeed.com

SubmissionSpeed.com Technologies is a leading provider of automated search engine submissions. We've been around since 1999, and are considered to be one of the pioneers in Submission Software.

SubmissionSpeed.com Technologies is a high tech business-to-business and consumer automated web site submission service that promotes web sites automatically and and simultaneously broadcasts them over the Internet. Individuals registered in 240 nations and territories worldwide use our software. We have processed more than 5 million individual secure web site submissions, from more than 1 million clients. We promote a broad range of business web sites and submit them to over 800,000 international search engines, Newsgroups, FFA Sites, Web Groups, Forums and Directories that are constantly updated in their database.

We have developed a proprietary technology capable of submitting web sites to hundreds of thousands of search engines on the Internet, enabling owners of personal and small business enterprises to compete  with major advertising companies at a fraction of the cost. The technology has facilitated strategic alliances with the major big names.

Brief History

SubmissionSpeed.com Technologies  began with a very simple dream. A group of young internet professionals got together to amuse business colleagues, prove to the internet community on ranking fist in major search engines, and have lots of fun doing it.
Moe Somani an entrepreneur from Vancouver, Canada visited the China Canton Exhibition every year, and one day mentioned the number of web sites get bigger and bigger, and we continue to discover new technologies and ideas and we're still having fun. So how can we implement a tool that would allow us to make our web site more visible. We made a decision to move forward, and with that ultimately lead to Moe Somani expanding his entrepreneurial efforts to launch the creation of SubmissionSpeed.com.

Today we still continue to find new ways to successfully enrich the lives of all those who wish to have a web site hosted on the internet. Through our actions and our creativity we find ways to have their web site visibility increase rapidly. We also dream of imbuing our new projects with the energy and inspiration that are the essence of our creativity. And we want to help business people make their web site more visible on the internet.

As we head into the future, this SubmissionSpeed.com will allow us to connect with new businesses around the world, in an instant. And this is your chance to get your web site noticed with people around the globe.

Through the years, the SubmissionSpeed.com Technologies name has become synonymous with superior quality, complete customer satisfaction and a commitment to excellence. SubmissionSpeed.com was founded in Canada, evolving from the experience of CEO's, Bank Managers, Financial Officers, in an effort to initiate, implement and maintain ownership and or management of its own development projects.

SubmissionSpeed.com Technologies has earned its reputation as a world class submission service, providing the finest automated full-service internet technology development firm. We own, manage and have developed over several hundred business commercial online software partners with an estimated total portfolio of over 15 million Euros in assets, and we constantly strive to be on the cutting edge of the technology market

Our Management Team

SubmissionSpeed.com Technologies is a private family owned subsidiary of Internet Technologies Corp. in the Grand Cayman Islands. B.W.I.  Moe Somani of SomaniGlobal International have a major controlling interest in Internet Technologies Corp. which owns 100% of SubmissionSpeed.com Technologies. The company which has has various business interests in multiple online technology operations. SomaniGlobal International has successfully demonstrated proficiency in all aspects of technology development, and In addition to management and marketing their portfolio with shares in numerous international business ventures ranging from: Online Digital Solutions for the Online Gaming Industry, Online Casino Management Accounting Systems, and  SubmissionSpeed.com Technologies

A company with more than 15 years of experience from the internet service sector. Internet Technologies Corp. offer gaming systems for the Internet, gaming in land based casinos, and on gaming machines. The majority of the business operates in restaurants and independently owned casinos in Europe and on cruise ships in the Baltic sea and in the Mediterranean. The Internet casinos reach a global market. While our portfolio is the evidence of the company's dynamic growth, our staff is the reason for our success.

SubmissionSpeed.com Technologies employs a team of professionals with experience in all disciplines of internet technology, finance, development, management and marketing, and has most recently added a team of the finest  IT Professionals. The company's success is shared with these people, and they in turn demonstrate the loyalty, capability and insistence on excellence that have resulted in our accomplishments and exceptional reputation. We are all proud of the SubmissionSpeed.com name and work diligently to maintain that reputation. Bring us your needs, ideas and concepts SubmissionSpeed.com will make your dreams a reality.

The company from has always dedicated special attention to every minor detail and taken care in the realization of their products and services, giving a tangible form to innovative tools which at the same time are easy to handle and practical. These special skills and the ability of Moe Somani, Founder and Senior Executive Officer of SomaniGlobal International of knowing how to anticipate the needs of customers has enabled the his company to become the leader in a very competitive market, based on the changing world of the internet and dot com fashions and trends.

In our joint ventures and independent contracts, we continue to ensure the success of our developments through effective asset and property management. SubmissionSpeed.com Technologies personnel have always used advanced professionals to efficiently monitor the technology updates and provide superior reporting to all our clients and partners.

Current and Future Plans

Our business focus has expanded to World Class Submission service and  European Gaming and Casino Halls who through our mutual partners have requested us to provide the necessary kiosks and Gaming software. We have recently developed our own gaming software with our joint venture partners, suppliers and distributors of various software kiosks which are supplied to various land based Casino Gaming Halls throughout Canada, Europe, South Africa, United Kingdom, Asia and South America.

SubmissionSpeed.com Technologies has established itself as leader throughout the world in Digital Gaming Solutions, and continues to define the future of the online gaming industry.

As a developer, licensor and developer of gaming technology solutions, the Company has developed a wide spectrum of intranet gaming software for casino products including but not limited to casino games, sports book wagering, and pari-mutual betting on international sporting and other events.
SubmissionSpeed.com Technologies provides a selection of Casino Management Software internationally, and is the world leader in the innovative gaming solution industry.

SubmissionSpeed.com Technologies, has established itself in this relatively new industry and has established a sound revenue-generating model in the process of providing its clients with the most creative solutions in this multi billion dollar industry.

We have built an infrastructure second to none in the industry. Our subsidiaries throughout the world specialize in the various casino development, licensing, and e-commerce functions to provide the most comprehensive, customizable service to our clients.

SubmissionSpeed.com Technologies is responsible for the maintenance, upgrades, support and development of all our Gaming proprietary software products. In addition, SubmissionSpeed.com Technologies offers full software integration and customization services to the company's licensees.

Our affiliates and clients worldwide operate numerous offshore service bureaus, where they house a 24/7 customer call centre on behalf of its licensees. SubmissionSpeed.com Technologies also maintains the company's world-class data centre in London, England.



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